Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bart and Krystals shower

 Onesie clothesline.
 Wow....look at the cake!
 The cake was adorable.....Krystal's step mom got it from a local baker.(I can not take credit;)
 How big is the belly?

 Baby Bingo....these ladies thought they were at the VFW hall playing bingo.They had their cards all lined and and were asking for bingo dabbers.
 I whipped up an art quilt of the Pooh Bear.
 Favors. Little honey pots. Sweet;)
A grand time was had by all. Bart and Krystal received lots of great baby stuff...including diapers. Cheryl said,"Somebody told me it was a pooh-themed party, so I brought 4 boxes of diapers." We all had a big funny, Gramma Sheeto;)


Kathleen said...

Wish I could've been there :( but I was thinking about you guys. The onesie clothesline is a cute decoration and so practical. LOVE your Pooh bear art quilt! And I like the horse art on the wall :)

capoeira said...

This cake is stunning!! It looks amazing

Cara said...

What a clever, fun party. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures on the blog. I was disappointed not to be there for the shower. Every thing looks great including the soon to be parents. OMG I'm finally home and glad to be here. Returned from the Midwest/Canada trip Monday night and was off to Jim's for a few days. Alass the manny project didn't work out and they needed someone there Thursday, so Jim could take Nadia on a belated trip to Disneyland. Oh our yard needs so much attention.