Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project Quilting Theme: Stars Over America

Well, as you can see, I also took the theme quite literally. I thought of this idea as soon as I saw the challenge. All the fabric came from my scrap bag...which is really getting workout with these PQ challenges!

I started out by finding a template of the US on line and then printed it out in poster size I cut it out to make a pattern. I then sewed a bunch of scraps together to emulate the flag.( I didn't have a lot of royal blue fabric, so I used what was in the scrap bag instead of cutting into a new peice.) Once I had all the strips sewn together, I quilted it with a large stipple. I then traced my US pattern onto the peice.

 Before I cut it out, tho, I taught myself a new technique called 'couching'. I took skinny black ribbon (which is the other color I used for this quilt) and zigzagged (twice around) over it to make a nice outlined border. It 's a fun technique and I'll definitly be using it a lot!. I also used this technique with the stars. After outlining the US and the stars, I then cut them out.

My nephew, Jack, who is 6, was over yesterday and saw the almost finished wall hanging and said, "Oh Auntie, I love it, can I have it?" I said, "Maybe...." ....knowing for sure now where this piece was going to hang (in his room, of course!)

After I finished it the next day, I snuck over to my sister's house while they were at the pool and hung it up in his room. He was thrilled to have it, and I think I was even more thrilled to give it to him!

The US measures aprox. 30x19 and the stars are aprox. 8x8. All supplies came from my stash. I spent 0 dollars. I love that!!!

Final Score from the judges: 7.13


Kathleen said...

That couching is pretty neat. This looks great on Jack's wall.. perfect backdrop.

Anonymous said...

Awsome job on your flag quilt!