Saturday, June 26, 2010

Project Quilting - Challenge 4 - Bulletin Board

The directions were:
For Challenge 4, we're going back to something a little more traditional.
1. The inspiration for this week is the Log Cabin block.
2. Use as many fabrics as you like, but use both the front and reverse sides of at least one of them.
3. Maximum size is 36" x 36".

Here's what I came up with:

I started this project not knowing what it was going to turn into. I started be making 4 12" log cabin blocks from 3 inch strips of vintage linens. I ended up using only 2 of the blocks which I then cut in half. I still didn't know what it was going to be so just started fooling around with placement, adding the white to the triangles and a frame came to mind. Added large orange ric rac to peek out. Somewhere along the way I was thinking...maybe a big photo in the middle......then I thought ...bulletin board! The back is four 12" pieces of cork held together with heavy duty tape. I then quilted the top leaving the middle unquilted so that it would 'pop' and added some yellow ricrac (I heart ric-rac). I then stretched it over the cork and secured the piece to the back side. More ric-rac for hanging and it was done. I think it turned out great! Oh, I almost forgot....the fabric in the very middle and on the sides are the backside of that fabric.

I hot-glued large beads to the plain tacks to jazz them up a bit. Everything came from my stash except the cork. This piece and is now hanging in our kitchen. It measure 24" X 24".

Update: July 5, 2010
Score from the judges: 6.83 (out of 10). Not so great. Oh well......;)


Cara said...

Very pretty, Karen! So bright and cheerful - I know the judges will love it!

Chrissie Grace said...

This is pretty!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love all your quilts!

Anonymous said...

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