Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Baby Story

Well, it turned out to be a weekend for babies. It all started at 2:03am Friday morning. I was called out to Warrenville to help a mom birth her 2nd baby with Dr. Rosi. Everything went well and a screaming 9lb 10oz baby boy was welcomed to this world in a birthing tub. I headed home but decided to make a pitstop at MSA's to see mom who is in for a few weeks and eat some of MSA's awesome good-for-you muffins. Then home and into bed by 2p. I slept 'til Chuck came home around 7p. He wanted me to get up and be his wife for a few hours, but I just couldn't do it. I knew there were 3 other moms that were over due and might be needing my assistance that night. Sure enough, my cell rang at 930p. It was Christina. We had a mom in Plainfeild who was finally in labor. This was going to be a fun birth because Maria, the mom, had invited the folks from 'A Baby Story' to attend and film her birth for their show. This was her 4th child and the expectation was that labor would be relatively short. Unfortunately, Maria labored thru the early morning hours. It was rough for her, but she did an incredible job. She used something called HypnoBirthing and it really seemed to help her thru. Finally, at 745am, Grace Ella emerged into the loving arms of her mama. Grace was also gently born in the water surrounded by her daddy, 2 sisters and brother. Here are some pics from Graces' big debut.....including camera man! (No worries, all pics are decent!)

Christina,CNM, RGM (Rockin' Good Midwife)

Camera guy, Mark.

Mom, relaxing in tub, Dad, gramma, camera guy and Christina.


Christina and Grace.

Now I have to get back in bed to wait for the other 2 to deliver....kidding. I have to go visit the first mom today. Chuck is going with me, so we'll stop at a few thrift store. I'm bringing a pillow and blanket to lay in the back seat. Oh, and did I mention I bought this on Craig's List for $95.00? We have to pick it up in Aurora today. The ad said it was only used twice. Of course I'll check it out before I hand over the cash.


Kathleen said...

Wow, busy! (Is it full moon time?) First baby - BIG. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Big sis and the new baby look so sweet together. And the machine - COOL!

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