Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, I finally found my LQS (Local Quilt Shop). It's over in Carpentersville about 7 mins from my house.It's called That Quilt Shop. I spent the afternoon there yesterday. They had a small class teaching reverse appliqué which was cool. The lady that owns the quilting side of the shop (its a sewing machine store as well.....I'm sure they'll be convincing me I need a new machine soon!) is super nice and was really helpful. I spent way too much money....including purchasing a $30 walking foot which they assured me I couldn't possibly live without. Also bought a 1/4 inch seam straight stitch foot which I don't know how I lived without. It really helped sew a straighter line.I'm going back today for another little class today if I don't have to work.


Kathleen said...

How neat that they have classes. And only 7 min away!! All that fabric so very close.

YFA said...

Cool, what does reverse applique look like?

Karen said...

....if we ever get to craft again, I will show you.