Thursday, May 15, 2008

Losin' it update....

So here's the story with the weight loss. I've lost 21 lbs to date.....I've been maintaining this loss give or take a pound since April 10. I feel really good (and Chuck says "you're hot"......and of course I say..."what I wasn't hot before?????"). Anyway, I still want to drop another 10-15 but I think I might stay at this weight for awhile and see what happens....I'll let ya know!!!


Anonymous said...

This is your trainer speaking...what kind of lame excuse is that??? I'll stay at this weight for a while...get you a** to the gym!


Anonymous said...

Morning Karen,
It's 4:50 and I've been up for an hour. One of the first things I did was check your blog. Are you off workin out because your trainer scared you? I had to resort to trying on clothes to entertain myself! Some of them fit! Love seeing what you come up with on the blog. Be seeing you soon. Wish I could stay longer at that visit. Oh well I'll have to wait til July. Love, Mom