Thursday, August 30, 2007

Basement update

So we had the Permaseal guy out this week to give us an assessment. In order to fully seal the basement, they would have to dig a12-18 inch trench around the whole inside perimeter of the basement floor and install what are called drain tiles. Its a ton of work....and very expensive. After talking to the guy who came out, we decided that we (Chuck) would seal the basement himself with sealer from the hardware store. The guy said that was an okay solution but that it needed to be done every year. He was very helpful about making suggestions once he found out we weren't going to go with his company. Thanks Permaseal guy! So, bottom line is that if we were planning to stay here forever, we would definitely fix the basement the Permaseal way. Altho we love this house, we don't see ourselves growing old here!!!

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